This Sunday, August 1: We will be OUTSIDE at 9:30. Please bring whatever you need to keep yourself cool! Aletheia Jr. will have class for ages 1 through 5th grade; please register for class through the quicklink below. 

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Community Groups

Community Groups

One vital way we pursue God's plan & design for His people and our church’s mission is through community groups. Each week, small groups gather for conversation, prayer, study, and outreach. Our groups are centered around our four Core Values from Acts 2.42-47.



In the Greek, the word logos refers to Scripture and involves clarifying the person and work of Jesus, His Kingdom and our response to the call of the gospel. In our community groups, we are committed to submitting to the authority of God as we remain rooted in the Scriptures.


In the Greek, the word ethos means “character,” or the guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution. We aim to have community groups that are defined by a culture of hospitality, friendship, and caring for one another. We call this “Rocking Philippians 2” (see Philippians 2.1-11). 


In the Greek, the word pathos has overtones of experience, emotion and suffering. We believe God is both transcendent AND immanent and ministers to us through His Holy Spirit.  We want our community groups to be places where people experience this ministry of the Holy Spirit through prayer, through worship, and through the body of Christ as we exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit and build one another up.


In the Greek, the word apostolos means “sent one.” We see community groups as equipping/sending/refueling stations in the work of disciple-making as defined by Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20. 

This includes:
> Evangelism
> Gospel-centered discipleship rooted in community
> Mercy and justice initiatives
> Church planting & foreign missions
> Community engagement

We’d love to partner with you in growing as a disciple of Jesus. You can e-mail for more information or explore our Frequently Asked Questions.

Listed below are the dates, times, and contact information for each of our community groups.

**Due to Covid-19, our community groups have adjusted in order to meet in a safe way. This usually involves meeting outside to ensure social distancing, and other practical things like not sharing a meal. Please reach out to the group leaders to find out the specific plans and structure for that group, if childcare will be provided, etc.**

Community Groups Spring 2021



 5:30 pm in Bridgewater 

Rachel and Ryan Bennison:,
Austin and Callie White:,

6:00 pm in Bridgewater

AJ and Pearl Hurst:,



6:30 pm on 33 West--men

DJ Stewart:

7:00 pm in Bridgewater

Chris & Kate Kelty:

Aaron & April Cosner:



5:30 pm in Harrisonburg 

Jason and Nattida Young:,

6:30 pm in McGaheysville

Stephen & Kristin LaPorta:,
John & Crystal Jackson:

7:00 pm in Harrisonburg 

Ricardo & Kristin Fearing:,
Pamela Bennett:
Ethan & Melissa Zook:,



6:30 pm in Harrisonburg--women 

Jenny Carrier and Alana Dean:

6:30 pm in Harrisonburg--men

Thomas Carrier and Josh Dean:,

6:30 pm in Harrisonburg

Mark & Abby Huffman:,
Joey & Caitlin Testa:,

6:30 pm in Dayton

Dan and Emily Castle:,
Natalya Lawlor:
Chiedo and Kelsey John:, 

7:00 pm in Harrisonburg--women 

Sarah Brown and Carolina Schlosser:,



7:00 am on zoom--men

Raymond Brown:


Meeting times TBD 

Josh Pate, JMU Virtual Campus: