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Aletheia Jr. Volunteers

Aletheia Jr. Volunteers

Are you interested in serving in Aletheia Jr.? Thank you for being willing to help us create an environment where children are safe, intentionally invested in, and grow in their understanding of the Gospel. 

How To Become a Volunteer in Aletheia Jr.

We value our students and know that the impact we make in their lives today will directly affect the church for decades to come. Our process ensures that volunteers are encouraged in their ministry opportunity, trained, and well prepared for their involvement with children.

  1. Head to this link and fill out the serving interest form. Once you complete the form, a staff member or team leader will be in touch about the areas in which you indicated interest.
  2. Attend scheduled meeting with Aletheia Jr. Director or Aletheia Staff Member to go over the Volunteer Handbook and receive training for your specific classroom. Sign the accountability sheet after reading the handbook thoroughly and turn in before your first day of serving.  
  3. Once you’ve met with an Aletheia Staff Member you will be assigned to a classroom, and your team shepherd will contact you.

Our Promise to You

  • We will pray for you.
  • We will seek to put you in your gifted area.
  • We will honor you in our speech and actions.
  • We will offer training for your growth. 



Attend Church Regularly – We believe that service comes out of the overflow of the spiritual nourishment we get from God and other believers. Therefore, it is important for each volunteer to attend the worship service each week.

Be on Time to Serve – Being on time is necessary for us to have a time of team building through prayer and to be ready when students arrive. Please arrive, ready to serve, in your classroom 45 minutes prior to the start of the worship service. 

Prayer - Prayer is foundational to our ministry. We ask that volunteers regularly pray together in teams, and also that you support the ministry and children by praying throughout the week.

Support Aletheia – In this volunteer role you are expected to be supportive and honoring of Aletheia and its leadership in speech and action. If you have concerns that need to be raised, please bring it to the attention of your Team Shepherd who will help you follow the appropriate forms of conflict resolution.

Be Open for Growth – In order to grow in the position where God has placed you, plan to attend training events that will include time to grow with your team, both in community and skills.

Wear your Name Tag & T-shirt – To help parents know that you are an approved leader of children, please wear your name tag and t-shirt while serving.

Attendance –We expect regular attendance for volunteers as they are scheduled. When you need to be away, please follow the following procedure to find a sub:

  1. You will be given a contact list of the other volunteers in your classroom. Please contact one of them as soon as possible to find someone to switch with you.
  2. Contact your team shepherd to let them know of your trade.
  3. Your team shepherd is not responsible for finding a replacement for you when the schedule has already been set.

Be Honoring to One Another – We recognize that even in the best of environments, people will sometimes disagree with one another. In Aletheia Jr., we advise that disagreements be kept private between the parties directly involved and not displayed in public ways. If you have a disagreement with another person, go to that person privately and discuss it together. (See Matthew 18:15). If this does not resolve the issue, contact your staff director for help resolving the situation. Our goal is to eliminate gossip and resolve the issue, while honoring all parties involved.

Confidentiality – As you shepherd children, you will be serving in a unique capacity that demands carefully handling the information they may share regarding their family lives, things they are feeling, and their behaviors. If you feel it is important that another person have this information, please talk to the Team Shepherd or an Aletheia staff member.

Discipline – Discipline helps to maintain a positive learning environment and it is everybody’s responsibility to respond to and redirect misbehavior. See Classroom Discipline Ideas on Page 9 of our Volunteer Handbook.

Turn off cell phones during class – Your role as a volunteer will require your full attention. Please do not use your cell phone during class. Volunteers are not permitted to take pictures of children in Aletheia Jr. The directors of Aletheia Jr. are the only ones approved to take pictures.

Click HERE for a description of our Core Values.