Please join us at 9:30 every Sunday! We will have Aletheia Jr. class for ages 1 through 5th grade. We hope to see you there!

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Advent Resources

Here are a few devotionals for individuals and families to guide you through this Advent season. 


We will have this printable available in the church lobby on Sunday mornings. You can also click on the image to print your own or order The Jesus Storybook Bible. 



Prepare your heart, mind, and soul to celebrate the incarnation of God's Son! Bringing a renewed sense of Christmas wonder to December days, Tripp shares 31 readings featuring gospel-centered thoughts, meditations, Scripture verses, and tips for parents to help your family focus on what matters most - the birth of Jesus. Click on the image to purchase this devotional. 



Family Advent Devotional includes access to four videos that introduce each week’s theme, daily Scripture readings and prompts for conversation and prayer. Human beings are captivated by stories because we are created to live in a story—the Christian story. But given our bent toward sin, we often find ourselves caught up in the false stories of our culture. Entering into the Christian season of Advent helps to reorient our hearts and minds away from the false stories of the world. This Advent, reflect on and celebrate the story of Jesus’ birth as a family through this video-enhanced 25-day devotional.




This free PDF devotional is written by Sarah Sandel, one of the members at our partner church in Tampa, Fl

"Advent slows us down on the way to Christmas, so that we experience the longing and the hope for the coming Messiah, the desire to experience rest with Emmanuel - God with us...Advent is meant to restore a sense of purpose and hope in the longing. This advent guide is designed to do just that — gently, quietly reorient your attentions to the celebration of “the brave little boy who was God, but He made Himself nothing”*."