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John Sermon Series - Bible Reading Plan

Join us as we read through the Gospel of John together throughout this sermon series.

Here you can find the Bible reading plan for the sermon series on the book of John. We hope you'll read and pray along with us through this outstanding book.

As we continue in this series, there are two simple ways to shape your study and meditation on God's word.

From a messianic perspective:

How does this passage demonstrate who Christ is, both in identity and attributes, what He has done, and what He will do?

and a missional one:

In light of these Biblical truths, what is God calling me to do, how is God calling me to join Him on His redemptive mission?

While there is certainly more to every passage, there is certainly not less than being reminded of the power of the gospel, the reality of the risen Savior, and the impact that has on us and those around us as we seek to "Be the Church".