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Aletheia Jr. Parent Information

Aletheia Jr. Parent Information

Parents, we want you to have all the information you need to feel comfortable with what to expect on Sunday mornings and what we're teaching your children. Please use this page to familarize yourself with our policies and procedures.

sunday mornings

Our Check-in/Checkout System

All children attending Aletheia classes will be checked in at one of the computers at the Aletheia Jr. Check In Table. This process will produce an adhesive nametag for your child with their name, class, and a security ID number. You will receive a badge with matching security ID numbers, which must be presented and matched to the numbers on the child’s nametag at dismissal. If you have never checked in your children before, a greeter will be at the visitor table to get your child a visitor tag and show you to your child’s classroom.

Parents will walk their child to the classroom where they will be greeted by the classroom volunteers. There will be at least 2 adults present to welcome children into the classroom.

At dismissal, parents will present their security ID badge (the smaller sticker received when you checked in) for the child they are picking up to one of our volunteers. The security numbers on the badge must be matched with the ID number on the child’s nametag. A child may NOT be released to anyone who does not display the matching security badge. In the case of a lost badge, please page one of the Aletheia Jr. directors. They will require and record the details of sufficient adult identification to safely release the child. The child’s nametag should be removed before they’re released back to you.

Parents may be paged in cases of emergency, illness, or another issue with their child. This will come by way of a text message to the number you provided when you registered your child. You should then head up to the appropriate child's classroom. If, after sending a text, the parent has not come upstairs, their unique security code will be displayed on the screen in the auditorium. 


our volunteers

Many of our Aletheia Jr. volunteers have previous experience serving in ministry and all have successfully completed a background check before beginning to serve. They attend multiple trainings a year to learn and grow in their ability to love children well. Each volunteer serves once a month, so your child will have different teachers each week. 


health and safety

The health and safety of your children is our number one priority. The following policies are in place to ensure a safe and loving environment for them to learn and experience Jesus.

Help us keep the environment healthy for all children. Please do not check in your child if they :

  • Have had diarrhea, fever or vomiting within past 24 hours
  • Have a persistent cough
  • Have excessive runny nose
  • Have discolored discharge from nose or eyes
  • Have had a communicable disease within past 24 hours

Universal Precautions. Volunteers will wear vinyl gloves for handling any body fluid i.e., bloody nose, bleeding cut, vomit, urine, or feces.    

Two-Adult Rule. No volunteer will ever be with a child outside the visual presence of another volunteer. This is for the safety of the child and the volunteer.


  • Diaper changes will be done by women only, and with two adults present and open classroom doors.
  • The woman who assists personally with bathroom trips must keep stall door open while assisting to keep clear line of site with other adult.
  • For children who do not need assistance, one adult will accompany to the bathroom door. The child will wait outside while the adult checks visually to make sure the bathroom is empty. The child will proceed into the bathroom while the adult waits outside the door and stops anyone else from entering.

Affirming Touch Only. Volunteers may high five your child, pat them on their back/shoulder, and give side hugs. They may not ask for hugs, wrestle, tickle, spank, kiss etc.

Evacuation Procedure. Every volunteer knows the evacuation procedure. In case of an emergency, do not go upstairs to get your child. Volunteers will follow the exit route with all children and meet on the soccer fields next to the building. This is where parents should meet their children.

Food/Snacks in the Classroom

We maintain a nut-free environment in all of our classrooms. Snacks include pretzels or animal crackers for two year olds and older, and Cheerios for children younger than two. We do not offer snacks that contain peanuts/tree nuts or that have been processed on machinery that also processed peanuts/tree nuts. You may provide snacks if your child has special dietary restrictions.

classroom disclipline

Our goal in shepherding your children is to lead their hearts to know and love Jesus. Discipline provides a wonderful platform to explain the gospel, which is the central focus of our classrooms.

We make God and the Gospel the center of our classrooms

We let the Word influence us with love and joy for children.

We pray over each class session. We specifically ask that each child would be open to experiencing Jesus.

Behavior is never the main issue. The main issue is always the heart. We ask the Holy Spirit to expose the sin in the hearts of children that lead to the negative behavior, help them understand their need for a Savior, and share with them the awesome news that Jesus has died for them!

We reinforce positive behavior. Notice each child’s accomplishments and encourage repeated positive behavior.

For a list of Aletheia Jr.'s Core Values and How we Accomplish Each, click here.



Aletheia Jr. uses age appropriate curriculum that seeks to meet the needs of the learners in each age group. We choose curriculum that is gospel-centered and grace-centered, kid relevant and FUN!

If you have any questions about the curriculum or any of our policies, contact our Aletheia Jr staff:

Caitlin Parrish, Director of Communications & Volunteer Development:

April Cosner, Director of Operations & Classroom Management: